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Delaney Smith

Going into her freshman year of collegiate soccer, Delaney developed an overuse injury which left her with the option to either get surgery or rest. Frustrated with these being the only options given by the doctor, she sought out to try other things like physical therapy, chiropractic, etc. Despite seemingly "trying everything," nothing was finding the root cause. After researching alternative methods, she found Muscle Activation Techniques and was sold after the first visit. Not only did MAT enable her to play all 4 years strong, but also sparked a passion for her future career. 


After graduating with a bachelor degree in exercise sports science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, she began her Muscle Activation Techniques program in Denver, CO. She is currently one of only two people in the state of Minnesota to have the master specialist certification.

Having a foundation of MAT, a holistic and biomechanics based modality, Delaney has been exposed to the vast amount of alternative treatment options. This has led her to fervently continue to expand her knowledge set to give her client's the absolute best care possible, and be a better practitioner every month. She has specialized in the foot and the gait, and how dysfunction in them cause changes across the body.

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"My goal is to enable my clients to perform at their highest level for as long as they desire to, This can be a 25 year old marathoner reaching for that PR, or a 65 year old that wants to hold their own in pickle ball."

Khong, Competitive Body Builder

My first visit went super well and I started to see progress within a week! Delaney is very skilled at what she does. I would highly recommend MAT if you're looking to fix any muscular dysfunction that may be causing you to have impaired performance in the gym, sport, or daily life. 

Michael, Wants to Move Well

I've been involved in fitness my whole life, but was puzzled why some areas weren't improving no matter how much I worked on them. MAT was able to find underlying issues by testing and activating inefficient muscles. This created much more balance, stability, and awareness. 

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